Shooting day and night photos for your listing!

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Real Estate Videography Encinitas

When it comes down to staging your listing, there’s a handful of things to keep in mind. Of course having a clean home is important, having the home organized, shelves clean, curtains aligned, no distractions etc, but you always want to consider what time you’re taking photos of your listings.

A potential buyer will always want to know what the home may end up looking like at sunset, or maybe during the morning. This would help your client feel as if they can really get a good understanding of the home during all the times of the day. You don’t need to have a million different times to shoot at, but having a variety of photos from the day into the night can help your buyer become more interested in purchasing that home.

Different lighting can effect the interior of your listing, as well as the outside photos. When you’re able to avoid harsh lighting, or over exposed photos, you can really help people understand the depth of a home through photography and videos! You may not think about it, but timing can make a huge difference in your content.

We always recommend to do this since it can help the photos stand out on your online listing, plus the content can be used for your social media postings to draw in more attention. Please let us know if you have any more questions about how we can shoot your listings for you in San Diego!

Why Aerial9 Media?

We specialize in creating marketing content for real estate listings, helping reach home buyers quickly and more effectively resulting in quicker home sales. Given the current situation in our society (COVID19), it has become even more essential to have creative, effective, quality content to show prospective buyers. As realtors, you are having to abide by regulations and are held to a strict standard on showing homes. Why not take advantage of doing it virtually?

For the past 5 years, we have been helping realtors reach their goals and pursue transactions using the latest technology to market their listings. We provide services including Matterport virtual tours (with detailed floor plans), Professional Photography, Full Listing Videos (with Voiceover), Drone Photography, and Property Websites. I invite you to click on the link below that will take you to a Listing Website that will show you all the services we completed for one particular listing.

Custom Real Estate Listing Site – http://bit.ly/A9MSample