Why You Should Hire a Real Estate Photographer for Your Listing Marketing Campaign

By September 4, 2019September 9th, 2020Business
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When it comes to homebuying, first impressions are everything.

If you are selling your home, the way you present your property can make or break your listing. If you’re given a choice between a home with a gorgeous property vs. an uninviting one, which one would you choose?

Obviously, staging the property plays a huge role in making that good first impression. However, it would be smart not to overlook the listing pictures that buyers see online.

Many people think that their 12-megapixel phone is good enough for taking listing photos; but, that can be a huge mistake. If you want to sell your home quicker and for more money, you should hire a professional real estate photographer. Here are some benefits to consider:


1. Attract More Buyers


According to a study by Redfin, listing photos that are taken by a professional real estate photographer are more likely to sell quicker and for thousands of dollars more.

Potential buyers who are looking for a property online will spend about 20 seconds looking at the listing photos before moving on to the property details. You want to make each of those seconds count.

Let’s face it, gorgeous pictures will trigger emotions, and emotions sell. You need to capitalize on that as much as possible.


2. Look More Professional


High-quality and sharp images just scream professionalism.

With professional residential real estate photography, you are projecting yourself as a serious seller or agent who spared no expense in marketing the property.

Professional real estate photoshoots have the art, direction, lighting, and angles down to a T. This means that the best aspects of the listing will be properly highlighted for potential buyers.



3. Versatility


Professional real estate photographers can offer more than just pretty pictures.

With modern technology, you are given more options to showcase your home. Aside from beautiful HDR photos, you may also benefit from other services like listing videos, aerial photography, drone photography, and twilight photography.

For instance, twilight shots are more akin to creating art instead of just taking photos. When done right, twilight photos are the type that you can hang on a wall of an empty bedroom.

These options give you plenty of options to market your listing and make it stand out from the competition.


4. Choose How You Can Use the Images


If you decide to hire a professional photographer, know that you are not only limited to using the images online.

You should be going all out when marketing your listing, which includes exploring other advertising venues. The images taken by a professional photographer can be used for your entire marketing stack.

The photos can go into your brochures, flyers, emails, newsletter, and more.


Time to Go Pro


The iPhone camera might be the number one camera in the world, but it still can’t compare to a DSLR camera and a skilled photographer’s eye.

Using a real estate photographer will not only attract more buyers but add a higher value to your listing as well.

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