The Value That Drone Videography Brings to Your Real Estate Listing

By July 18, 2019Drone Videography
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Aerial footage is more accessible than ever. Five years ago, even capturing a single aerial image required the assistance of an expensive private helicopter company. Now, hiring a company specializing in drone footage for real estate is extremely affordable. But does drone footage really make a difference when it comes to real estate sales? New data suggests that investing in real estate drone videography can dramatically improve your bottom line. Here are a few reasons why you should invest in high-quality drone videos to improve the value of your real estate listings: 


1. Drone Footage Can Increase the Sale Price of a Listing

A recent study conducted by Kissmetrics found that websites featuring a video on the homepage or a product page had dramatically higher sales (between 64% and 85%). While videos have been popular on real estate sites for the last few years, drone footage is still relatively uncommon and adds another level of sophistication and edge. Aerial footage also provides an important perspective for prospective buyers; it positions the home or property in relation to others around it and provides context that clients can’t get even by visiting the property in person. These features immediately increase the perceived value of a place, so it makes sense that clients are willing to pay more for properties that include aerial footage. 


2. Drone Footage Helps Homes Sell Faster 

According to MLS Statistics, homes with aerial images sell about 68% faster than homes with standard images. It’s that simple! In the real estate world, time matters; homes or properties that are on the market for too long start to lose value because clients wonder why they haven’t sold. Faster sales also mean that real estate agents can move on with other listings, which could dramatically increase annual income. Hiring a company that specializes in drone footage may seem like a sizable investment up front, but when you do a cost/benefit analysis, it’s clear how much value real estate drone videography can add. 


3. Homeowners Prefer to List With Agents Who Use Video  

According to a survey conducted by the National Association of Realtors® (NAR), 73% of homeowners reported being more likely to list their home with real estate agents who use video as a marketing strategy. But currently, only about 9% of real estate agents use video as a marketing strategy on their websites! This means that there is a huge opportunity in the real estate sector for marketing agents to set themselves apart using video and drone techniques


Taking the steps to feature drone footage on your website is not as intimidating as it sounds and certainly doesn’t mean that you need to learn how to operate drones yourself. There are highly specialized real estate videographers that are trained in producing high-quality footage of spaces, buildings, and property lots. Hiring a professional eliminates many of the concerns that come with drone videography, including commercial licensing, operational difficulties, and video editing. If you are a real estate marketing professional, don’t miss out on the chance to impress your sellers (and your buyers), increase property value, and speed up sales! 

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