4 Tips for Creating High-End Real Estate Videos

By November 14, 2019August 26th, 2021Drone Videography, Real Estate Marketing
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In today’s digital real estate market, it’s easy for potential home buyers to click past your listing without giving it a second thought. To find a buyer quickly, especially one who is willing to pay a fair price, it’s essential to highlight the best features of your property in an eye-catching way. Many homeowners and real estate agents have turned to professional drone videographers to create a real estate video for their unique property. Read on to find out how you can easily create a high-end video that showcases the beauty of your home with just a few simple steps. 


1. Clear out the Gutters

Photography is still the preferred method of displaying a house on the market. You can snap a quick picture, upload it, and wait for the phone to ring. But how much can a still image really tell you about a property? When it comes to aerial real estate videos, potential buyers will be able to see every inch of your home’s exterior, including areas such as the roof and gutters, which are often hidden from sight and out of mind. Make sure to clear out fallen leaves and replace any missing shingles before you schedule an appointment with a drone videographer. Buyers will be pleased to see that the home they want to buy is clean and well-maintained from the inside out. 


2. Avoid Scheduled Maintenance Days 

Make sure to schedule your drone video appointment for a day that does not coincide with other services that might take place on your property such as pool cleaning, landscaping, or trash pickup. The last thing you want to feature in your video is someone mowing the lawn or skimming leaves out of your luxurious pool. Additionally, after all the exterior maintenance has been completed, make sure all tools are stored to help create a clean, organized aesthetic. 


3. Consolidate the Clutter

While drone photography is a great way to give home buyers a quick look into your property, real estate videos provide a virtual experience indoors and outdoors. A video allows prospective buyers to move through the home in a natural way, making it easier to imagine living in that space. However, if your video displays clutter in every corner, dirty dishes, or toys on the floor, it will be hard for someone to imagine their own lives taking place in that home. A key element to real estate marketing is always ensuring that clutter is stored away to make your home appear as spacious and inviting as possible.  


4. Tell Your Neighbors about the Real Estate Video 

Many home buyers prefer to view property videos because they provide a broader perspective of the house in relation to the neighborhood and other areas. In many ways, these videos act as digital tours because drones are able to film from high up, displaying the size of the estate, neighboring homes, and proximity to nearby attractions. In areas where drones activity is limited, it can be a good idea to notify your neighbors ahead of time if you plan to schedule drone videography services to ensure their privacy is maintained. 


Drone videography is quickly becoming the industry standard for capturing the best aspects of your unique property. Contact one of our skilled professionals if you’re not already considering drone videography or photography services to market your property in an innovative, creative, eye-catching way. 

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