3 Types of Professional Drone Services

By October 8, 2019August 26th, 2021Drone Photography, Drone Videography
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Today, professional media companies offer a variety of drone services. Drones are not simply tech toys but can be used in a number of imaging applications. While we commonly see drones being used in cinematic applications, their usefulness extends to real estate campaigns in areas of aerial mapping and data along with real estate showcase photography and videography. Incorporating drone technology in the real estate business boosts marketing and sales, which helps to justify spending a nice chunk of change on this equipment. Let’s delve into the drone services out there that might have your interest.

Aerial Maps and Data

Whether it’s the real estate industry or some other field, fast shareable information can boost any business. With drone services, it’s possible to create high-quality aerial maps that can be used to differentiate real estate listings. Drones produce dramatic fly-around photos and videos of the exterior of homes, captivating panoramic views of landscapes, mountain vistas, ocean waters and anything else in sight that can add to the appeal. They can be used to produce orthomosaic maps that provide a detailed and accurate aerial imagery of an area. Providing accurate distance measurements and interactive viewing, real estate agents find drones’ usefulness in the process of appropriately pricing properties. Aerial photography can be used to show off listings differently from ground-level photos, capturing the entire layout of the land and building details.

Drone Photography

Professional drone services extend to aerial photography, which is one of the primary uses. Showcasing a property from an elevated position gives a unique perspective to potential buyers who can see it from different angles. This can be great for showing large properties and luxury homes and the surrounding neighborhood. It creates that “wow factor” and make a listing stand out and apart with compelling images. This can be achieved through integrated features in a drone such as automatic point-of-interest camera targeting. Buyers can see, through the use of high-quality drone photos, roofing condition, the scenery and surrounding, and highlight curb appeal. Best of all, buyers know what to expect during an in-person tour of the property. 

Drone Videography

Incorporating more drone media in real estate campaigns is simply a superb marketing strategy that can yield amazing results. Using 4K drone videography, for example, produces ultra-high-definition commercial video imagery that can make real estate appear breathtaking. This can help to attract more buyers and sell homes more quickly with a film of both the interior and exterior of the property. Drone videos speed up the viewing process by capturing in great detail the view of a property in a few fly-bys, featuring close-up bird’s eye view, 360 panoramas and slow-zoom of certain spots that would be difficult to present in a photo.


Drone services are becoming more popular in the real estate world. Professional media companies offer a range of drone services, from aerial mapping to drone videography that can boost real estate campaigns. Interactive digital maps, panoramic views, and unique angles are all some of the advantages that professional drone services can provide real estate agents. Real estate marketing and sales could receive a big boost with the incorporation of drone media. While the cost may be a concern, it’s best to think of it as a worthwhile investment that can help to grow your business. 

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