Benefits of Drones for Real Estate

real estate benefits

Aerial drones for photography and for making videos has a lot of benefits for real estate marketing. Before the drone technology, these images were obtained by using expensive methods. Only high standing properties could afford them as their cost was quite high for most professional real estate marketers. But now drones are becoming popular among the real estate marketers, because of their low cost, trendy and innovative technology. Also, FAA simplifies the rules and permit for the use of drones for the professional photographers and real estate agents. Because of high competition in real estate market, aerial photography becomes the most common method to represent a property effectively by showing its surrounding environment. Having effective pictures is the key element of the sale process.

It is better to show a bird’s eye view of the property for its promotion. It will also show its surrounding elements that are close to it like marketing, parks, etc. as owning a property is not only buying a house but surrounding environment also matters.

Create more dramatic, compelling images

With the use of drone you can create more effective and attractive pictures by combining GPS-features. A well captured shot with drone looks incredibly professional, and can easily generate the interest of customer that you simply can’t get from the ground-based photography.

Create more interesting virtual tours

With the help of drones you can create an interesting tour of the property to impress the customers. A drone can fly throughout the home from the front end and travel in each and every room to create a natural tour than station based photography can create. You can combine this tour with a professional voice over sound track to make beautiful visual stories, rich with information and history.

Highlight more property features

By using aerial photos and videos, marketers can highlight the important features of the property such as back yards, walking path, pool, landscaping. These are the key elements that are important to many buyers. With drones you can capture the entire yard in a single picture to show the big space of the property of the buyers.

Generate new business

By using effective aerial picture to your listing, you can show the market that you are able to use drones for videos and photos. It will give a positive impression to the prospective sellers that you are knowledgeable to represent their property amazingly. This will drive more customers to your website or social media and increase the opportunity of generating a new business.

Out-market the competition

When you’re listing has effective aerial images, providing more information than other it will help you to stand in the market competition.

Save money

In the past, aerial photographs were captured by paying a large amount to hire helicopter pilot to fly you around. This was expensive so the aerial photography was limited for high end properties. But with drones it is cheaper and arguably better than the traditional media. With drones cost to capture the aerial images reduces.