The Advantages of Using Drone for Surveys

The Advantages of Using Drone for Survey

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Over the past years, there has been a rise in the popularity of the use of drones. It is great fun to fly them and also they can deliver a stunning aerial video imagery when a camera is attached to them.  These drones can be used in different ways. They also have a lot of advantages. With photography or videography, they can also be used for delivery services, like Amazon is using them for same day delivery.

Today in this blog we are going to discuss the advantages of using drones for a survey:

Drones for Survey save the time and money

Drones reduce the cost and timing of the survey. The cost of using drones for survey is similar to the cost of traditional methods. With this you can do the same task in less time than with the traditional methods. With the use of drones there is no need for aerial lifts, ladders, etc. to check out the roofs or other higher destinations. This will significantly reduce the inspection cost.

Drones for Survey minimizes the risk and danger

For aerial videos or to inspect the area which is at certain height, it can risk the life of workers. By using drones instead of human workers, you can minimize the risk and dangers that can happen with traditional methods. With the help of drones, one can easily access the blocked areas or those that are difficult to reach on foot. Drones have landing and self-positioning system.

Survey Speed

There is no comparison between the speed of surveying with drones and traditional surveying. Surveying with traditional methods takes a lot of time and need to carry equipment like a ladder, scaffolding from one place to another. But surveying with drones takes minutes to complete the site survey with the same accuracy.

Before and after comparisons

With the help of drones, one can easily record before and after shots of one’s workmanship. Its GPS functionality allows you to show the exact aerial location. These aerial images can be captured from any angle that cannot be captured with handheld cameras.

Using Drones for Survey Improves Quality of Images

Using a high-quality camera with drones it is possible to get the high-quality images from any angle. Even in any blowy situation we can capture the blur free images or can get them in RAW format images and edit them in post processing.


With small size, minimum disruption, low noise and small take-off and landing area drones can work anywhere without notice by anyone. Using drones for the inspection of customer’s property remains unaffected by avoiding ladders. Once you see the use of drones on site, you can’t imagine conducting a traditional inspection again.

Rapid, multiple location inspections

Inspecting multiple sites with traditional inspection methods needs a lot of setups in order to access the rooftops or such areas which are difficult to access. But with drones, these areas can be accessed without any setup in a very low time period.

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