Effects of UAVs in Construction Projects

Effects of UAVs in Construction Projects


Most of the people thought of drone as a toy when it was created. But some people had other creative ideas for drones in mind.  In today’s scenario drones are not only used in military but also used in other fields as well. These drones are fitted with high resolution cameras and the best chips among other aspects. Drones can offer several advantages and have become the center of interest for many fields.

Most commonly these are used by the construction companies to capture the real time images from the field. These can be operated easily from the ground with the help of remote control. Usually, these are the flying machines but they can also be ground based.

How Drones Can Be Used in Construction Projects

These can offer effective aerial images of the project site which are more realistic and perfect. Several construction industries are using drones on site for surveying, mapping and to create 3D renderings of a project. Not only these are used as surveying tools, but also used as marketing tool. These can record actual conditions so these can be useful for presenting those images to investors, potential clients, and lending institutions.

Drones Used as Inspection Tools

Some industries are using drones to reach locations or other places that are inaccessible or require additional equipment in order to reach a specific point. Also, these can be used to inspect bridges over large water bodies or other structure that are not easily accessible. Inspecting these types of projects can be a challenging job, therefore many important parts may go unchecked with traditional techniques. But drones make these inspections easier and reduce any risk as the whole process can be done from the ground.

Drones Impact on Construction Sites

Drones can be used by construction industries in many different ways. These can be used to keep records of linear feet of material or equipment being used. Drones have real-time data on the situation or violations so these can be used to enhance the safety at the construction site.

Staying Within Budget

Drones help to collect the exact data of the area which is used to make the estimate of the amount of needed material accurately. Training and flying a drone is more affordable than hiring a pilot to conduct the survey so the return on investment (ROI) will increase.

The Legal Aspects of Using Drones

It is difficult to use drones regularly by the construction sites as these can be classified as a hobby equipment. Using drones require a permit from the Federal Aviation Administration. Without a written permission from the FAA, it is illegal to use drones by commercial industry.

Other Drones Benefits

The use of drones in construction site helps in cost reduction and provides a safe environment. These can be used as a marketing tool for real estate agents.

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