Drones for Resort & Hospitality

Drones for Resort & Hospitality

The use of drones is increasing day by day which results in the widest range of drones in the market place. Most of the people are using drones only to enjoy and for fun. But aerial videos and photography could also be used to make profit.

Commercial photographic drones have some incredible capabilities of taking shots that were impossible previously. With their impressive range, speed, small size and distance, you can take pictures and make videos of every corners that are not reachable or not safe for humans to go.

Drones are used as the greatest tool for marketing and advertising by creating video content for resorts, hotels. Resort and hospitality are the largest industry in today’s era that gets a big amount of profit with aerial photography.  No matter large or small, effective marketing is essential for the destination to attract potential visitors. Aerial videos are becoming famous in the field of promotion and marketing of bars, restaurants and destinations.

The use of drones by luxury resorts and hotels allows them to offer a bird’s eye view to the potential customers. With this one can highlight the entire property and their services to show them what they will experience upon arrival.

How Drones are helpful for resorts and hospitality?

Aerial videos for successful marketing strategies

Many people are using drone pictures and video productions for their guests to create a complete digital story to show their resort or vacation destinations. These aerial videos and amazing images give the perfect real time view for great services of resorts to show your potential customers what they are coming for.

Aerial View Of Nice Golf Course

Aerial Video Footage enhances your online presence

Aerial Video will also help to enhance your online presence. Adding promotional videos to your social media is another effective way to promote your resorts, parks and hospitality. With the help of a professional photographer, you can create amazing videos of every angle and can edit them for adding some headings and notes and the related information. The finished video is amazing and you can upload them on social media channels like Facebook and YouTube to get more visitors.

Parks and tourism

Aerial Mapping for Holiday Parks and Tourist Attractions

Drones will help to create the sitemaps for visitors and staff. To match your website or brand, drones can create these maps in different colors. Aerial 9 Media will provide you an affordable and complete aerial service.


Promote your resorts or bars, hospitality more effectively with the help of drones. High definition photography services allow any restaurant owner to showcase the atmosphere and the beauty of their property that will constantly make new business and engage more new customers.

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