Video for Business Marketing

Video for Business Marketing

Before drones, a licensed pilot and full-sized helicopters were rented for aerial photography and videography. After all these arrangements you would have to take permission for the aerial shooting and log your plans with the Federal Aviation Association (FAA).

Luckily, RC got an idea to attach the cameras to their UAS’s (Unmanned Aerial Systems) in order to capture aerial shots for inspiring viewpoints. At that time only few could afford drones, but thanks to this idea, nowadays, drones can be easily available to anyone to be used in any situation.

Aerial videography can benefit industries to enhance their appeal by using aerial videos. With aerial videos you can attract customer’s attention with a wide variety camera shots from different angles. It is also ideal for showing a diverse vantage point of the business and service by showing a bird’s eye view.. This alone will make your company stand out from the crowd.

Not only this, Aerial videos provide great benefits for the following industries:


For the sale of property, drones are used to capture the aerial videos of the property and other key aspects of the sight. As well as the layout of a property can be rightly captured. This is very helpful for property dealers to create more interest in the properties that are for sale as compared to just showing images of the property at land level.


Land surveys 

Traditionally, images are taken with the rented helicopter or, which can cost a large amount for hiring pilots and all. With the use of drones, you can easily take aerial image or videos for land survey and can also save a significant money.


Before visiting a resort, potential customers check their website for video or pictures to make sure what they are paying for. The hotel industries also feel the benefits of showing their facilities and grounds from aerial view. For property industries, capturing footage is a regular requirement. But in case of hotels, there is no need of regular videography, just a single drone video would be created to market the hotel so that the costs can be kept down. In this competitive era to stand out from the crowded hotel booking applications or websites, understand that unique videos offer an edge over other marketing strategies.



People can create exciting videos like major landmark view or aerial view of events and make money by uploading them on YouTube. The advertiser will pay them to advertise for such type of interesting videos as they get high viewing volume.

News channels

News channels are also using drone videos to cover the news that might be difficult without the use of drones. For example, natural disasters like earthquake, flood or fires that would be difficult to capture without the helicopters or planes, can be captured easily with the use of drones without putting any person into danger.

Sports coverage

Sometimes it becomes difficult to capture some sporting actions from the ground. Events like racing or Olympics all use drones to capture every action from the sky which is difficult to capture from the ground. Aerial pictures and videos using drones have become popular with sports TV channels to capture the action better than ever before.

Sports coverage

There are a number of other ways in which businesses can benefit using drone videos apart from the ones mentioned above. For a great career change or for extra income there is a certain demand in the drone video industry.

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