Aerial Photography For Real Estates

Aerial Photography For Real Estates

Aerial photography for real estate industries with the help of drones makes a different level of visual plotting which is more affordable than anyone thinks. Since amazon started the drones delivery, drones becomes the profit-making potential. Drones are winning over new audiences and taking on new roles all the time.

FAA ( Federal Aviation Association ) allow photographers to use drones to take photographs and to make videos for commercial purposes which is a great news.  With the new drone regulations for commercial Unmanned Aerial Vehicles photographers can capture the events and images of special occasions in anyway which is never possible before.

Drones can be used in many different ways:

Drones are used by real estate agents to show buyers a brief detail of property in effective way, including:

  • To show overall view of entire property and land.

  • To confirm the condition of the roof and other sides of property that are difficult to access.

  • To show the complete image of property with its surrounding areas.

  • For Property surveys and maps.

This major change in technology changes the way people are providing marketing and selling services in all type of industries, but one of the most projecting is real estate. Most of the real estate agents prefer the use of drones for the photographs and videos of the property and also the buyers and sellers are changing the way they expect to cooperate with real estate listings.

Aerial photography is really worthy or not?

With traditional photography let us consider the average cost of home you sell is $350,000. Total commission is 6%, 3% of which is for brokerages and you end up with half of 3% i.e. 1.5%. That’s $5,250 for you per transaction. Consider you close 11 transactions per year reaches $57,750 as an annual salary.

Now for aerial photography, statistics say that the selling of homes increases 68 percent faster than traditional methods. Also, the 73% of home owners prefer the agents who use the aerial photography for listing. With aerial photography, one can attract 50 percent more listings and close 50 percent more deals which increases the yearly transaction of selling homes 11 to approximately 17 which increases the annual income to $89,250, an increase of $31,500.

How Drones effect real estate industry?

A real estate website using traditional techniques have a lengthy description, ordinary stuff and a lot of images which looks boring. Now imagine a website with attractive aerial footages of property with its whole surrounding, showing the property from the every possible corner capturing its essence gives you a class. It helps to get more attention of people, as drone photography and video is definitely unique and offers a cool, interesting perspective.

Real estate companies have more freedom to use the drones. Drones are able to capture high-resolution images and the videos in an absolutely professional manner which helps agents to sell properties quickly.

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